“The Black Lodge is the shadow-self of the White Lodge. The legend says that every spirit must pass through there on the way to perfection. There, you will meet your own shadow self... But it is said, if you confront the Black Lodge with imperfect courage, it will utterly annihilate your soul.” ~ Twin Peaks

It is time for pilgrimage. This journey is not for everyone, nor shall all who undertake it arrive at any promised destination. This is to risk, to walk into the unknown, and traverse the void inside, seeking the words that tell your tale best.

And so, in this hallowed place, as a refuge from a disparaging world, we built the Lodge. Beyond the reach of mundanity, we cloaked ourselves in shadow, and kindled the flame, a beacon to those who still see. The Black Lodge is not so much a construct, but rather a space between worlds. An empty page, waiting to be written.

This is where we meet. We tattoo your story beneath your skin, we pierce it into your flesh, we attempt to photograph that which is not always externally evident.

As within, so without. To make the internal experiences flesh, and strive for personal integrity. To be clothed in dream.

We do not own the Lodge. We are but custodians, dwellers on the threshold of this space - trying our best to open the conduits which allow meaning to flow back into life. We keep the flame alight that you may find your way here.

We are glad that you’ve arrived.