Rocio Todisco

I see tattooing foremost as an art form, rather than simply "copy and pasting" imagery - it's a medium that allows me to create beautiful, permanent adornments on my clients skin. If done correctly it creates flow and storytelling through imagery which a person can wear proudly through their lifetime.

I thoroughly enjoy working both in realism and a new school illustrative style.
I do realism/portraiture in both colour and black & grey - I love the challenge of replicating reality and deceiving the eye when creating a realism piece. It is preferable for me to work off high quality reference as I feel that this will produce the best outcome, so clients should try and keep this in mind when approaching any realistic piece, especially when doing portraiture.

My illustrative style has more of a whimsical, fantasy feel to it. I always try to create as much movement and flow with my characters as possible, and tend to over exaggerate poses, which in turn adds to the emotion of the tattoo. I enjoy creating custom designs freely from my imagination based on the clients ideas.

I prefer not to do "trend tattoos" as trends are temporary and tattoos are permanent, the two just don't fit together. These days hundreds of people are walking around with exactly the same tattoo, and I would rather create a piece which is more unique, and personal to the client.

I put a lot of time and effort during the tattoo process, so as to create quality and precision as best I can. With the tattoo being done this way, I can guarantee a piece that both the client and myself will be proud of.