Tattoo Studio

We wanted to make something different. Something that honours a serious profession, where the marks we leave will last a lifetime. But then, we also wanted something relaxed. Somewhere you can be yourself, while we make you a little more yourself. We wanted something a little darker, an alchemical space that's a little more surreal than your average studio. Because we're not fucking around here. There will be blood. Possibly catharsis. Definitely a little pain. And you'll leave irrevocably changed. And we wanted something welcoming, because you shouldn't have to be somebody in order to get treated the way you deserve. And by the same token, everyone pays the same amount for their hour - and they should get the same attention to detail, and the same level of service, regardless of who they are or aren't.

So we just want to say - don't listen to us. Don't believe the hype. The only way to choose an artist is by their work, and no amount of fluff can disguise a bad tattoo. Just like no volley of words on an about page can hide shitty attitudes and a bad atmosphere. Our portfolios do our talking for us (literally). In the end, no matter how much we love our own space that we've created, the epicness of your tattoo all comes down to who tattoos you, not where you get tattooed.

We want the world to stop you in the street, and compliment your décor. Not because we want you to be prodded, poked, and generally irritated by the public at large, but because that means we've done our vocation justice.